How to Keep your Fabric Awnings Clean

You’ve just had your awnings installed and you think they look amazing. They give you the style you were looking for and provide great shade. Later down the line, you notice all this gunk and stuff on your awnings. It’s up to you to clean it up if you want to get the full life span out of the awning. Here are some steps on how to clean your fabric awning.


The very first step is to sweep or brush away any debris that is on top of the awning. You can also hose down the awning to get rid of any leftover leaves or dirt you couldn’t get rid of while sweeping. To cut down on maintenance, you should sweep your awnings once or twice a month. Always remember to sweep and clean off the underside of your awning as that is a place where spiders like to hide and what you see most of the time.


For most types of awnings a simple solution of water and dish soap is good enough and gentle enough to use to clean them. When cleaning your awnings, always be careful about the environment around you as some cleaners are harmful. You can use a soft brush or a sponge to scrub your awnings. Make sure when you are cleaning to also clean the underside as cobwebs etc. can accumulate there. If you need different cleaners for problem areas, make sure not to mix as there are harmful chemical reactions that can occur that can diminish the quality and strength of the awning.

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The last step is to rinse all the soaps and cleaning solutions off the awnings. Leftover chemicals will attract more dirt and mildew in the future. Make sure to use a regular hose as pressure washers might damage them from the higher pressure. If you would like to keep your awnings in tip-top shape, it is recommended to use a treatment on your awning to make it water-resistant, block UV, and prevent mildew.

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