Custom Canopies

Residential Custom Canopies - Custom, Durable, Lowest Price

Higher quality than basic canopies, our Residential Custom Canopies offer increased protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays and will help to increase the comfort of your home by providing shade on hot days. Choose from a variety of acrylic fabric and vinyl options that are fire-resistant, mildew resistant, fade and dirt resistant, and impermeable. We offer both professional installation for those who do not have the time or expertise to do it themselves, as well as the best warranty!

Residential Custom Canopies

Get a Custom Canopy

A canopy will protect against the sun's UV rays and prevent heat from entering your home. It is ideal for summertime gatherings and hosting parties and other outdoor gatherings. It can also be used as a venue for outdoor weddings and other events. Contact Exclusive Awnings, and get the best canopy customized for your needs!

You Will Immediately Notice the Benefits of Having a Custom Canopy

A canopy is one of the most relevant parts of your outdoor living space. It's where you'll get all your shade and stay entertained. There's nothing worse than having to go inside because it's too hot or raining. You'll never have to worry about that again with our custom canopy!

At Exclusive Awnings, we pride ourselves on offering more than custom canopies. We have a wide range of products to fit our customers' needs. We also understand the importance of having a manufacturer near me, so we provide the following services.

Let Exclusive Awnings Provide You with Versatile Patio Canopies Near Me

Get the Awnings Near Me You’ve Been Waiting For

Enhance your home with our premium, weather-resistant, easy-to-use awnings at the best value in town. Exclusive Awnings is a trusted and reliable awning near me provider. Our team will help you find the perfect size, shape, color, and material that matches your needs. Whether you need a new patio cover or a custom canopy, we are your one-stop shop for awnings near me.

Let Exclusive Awnings Provide You with Versatile Patio Canopies Near Me

Patio canopies are a great way to protect your family from the sun's harmful rays. These structures are also excellent for outdoor parties and picnics. We have several options available if you are interested in purchasing patio canopies near me. Our products are long-lasting and beautiful.

Our Sunbrella Awnings Near Me Will Exceed Your Expectations

Find the best sunbrella awnings near me at Exclusive Awnings. If you're looking for high-quality awnings to keep you dry and comfortable during warm weather, you'll find the perfect solution with Sunbrella fabric. This fabric is water-repellent and fade-resistant, and you can get it in several colors and patterns. You'll also appreciate its high level of UV protection.

Transform Your Outdoor Space with a Custom Canopy Near Me

A custom canopy is a unique way to transform your garden into a paradise. It's easy to install and set up, and it comes with several features that make it an ideal choice for any garden. Get the perfect custom canopy near me with Exclusive Awnings.

Durable Quality Awning Fabrics

You Deserve An Awning That Will Last

Durable Sunbrella fibers are saturated to the core with color and UV stabilized pigments, ensuring our fabrics won’t fade or become damaged due to the sun’s harsh rays or normal wear. Sunbrella fabrics, unlike ordinary fabrics, are solution-dyed with rich colors that stay brilliant over time, no matter the environment.

Sunbrella fabrics are engineered with built-in stain moisture resistance. With a protective finish that won’t wash away, even after daily use, Sunbrella fabrics stand up to life’s toughest messes.

Engineered to maintain their integrity, Sunbrella fabrics are easy to clean. When life happens, blot spills with a clean, dry cloth and use mild soap and warm water to remove them.

High-Quality Awnings & Great Warranties

Whether you are looking for a new patio awning, retractable awning, or storefront awning, Exclusive Awnings can meet your needs. We are one of the leading fabricators and installers of commercial and residential retractable and fixed Awnings in Southern California.